No matter the size, whether you’re a small independent or multinational organisation you will need to do a stocktake at some point.

Stocktaking made easy!

What is stocktaking?

Stocktake ShoesStocktaking involves physically counting all of your stock within your business, then comparing the count data with your stock records to discover any discrepancies. The frequency of stocktakes varies between businesses, with some preferring monthly or quarterly counts while some only complete stocktakes once or twice a year. If you’re running a business that carries stock, you should do what feels right for you and the business, there is no right or wrong.

Discrepancies between your actual physical stock and your records allow you to pick up on a range of issues, putting stock control procedures in place will improve the overall stock management of the business. This will undoubtedly lead to increased profits down the line.

Why is stocktaking important?

As mentioned above, stocktaking highlights stock management and control issues, it also highlights areas of your business that require improvements in order to make it more profitable. Read more in Articles.

We carry out annual and periodic stocktakes, business transfers, security and unannounced “walk in” stocktakes.

You may already complete regular inventory or annual counts, or you could be approaching your very first stocktake which can be daunting and raise lots of questions:

  • When to do the count?
  • How many staff will be needed?
  • How to get accurate count information?
  • What software is used?
  • Most of all how much will it cost?

We can answer all these questions and more. We provide solutions for your stocktaking needs and we’ll make sure your stocktake is an easy stress-free time for all involved.  Enquire Now!

Total stocktake solutions

We supply stocktake teams along with all data capture systems to count all of your stock. We will plan and control the stocktake from beginning to end, all specified reports are produced and checked on the day.

Supervised solutions

Depending on the size of the business we will supply a small team or just a team leader with all the required data capture systems for the stocktake. We will plan and control the count whilst utilising your staff to complete the stocktake thus saving overall costs of the project. Again all the specified reports are produced and checked on the day.

What is data capture?

Opticon barcode reader for stocktakingA simple but effective method of using latest technology to obtain accurate information to help streamline your business. Barcode data capture can also increase the accuracy and decrease the time required to collect all essential product information or immediate reporting. We ensure that the information recorded and stored can be used to benefit your company.

We are continuously updating and developing our technology and software to make stock counts more efficient, thus saving project costs that are passed directly to the customer.

We are continuously updating and developing our technology and software to make stock counts more efficient, thus saving project costs that are passed directly to the customer.

What can data capture do for me?

We utilise your product information to configure our bespoke software and team that up with state of the art barcode readers programmed to automatically identify your products.  Our stocktakers count and load the captured data directly onto our laptops for on-site analysis. The great flexibility of our software allows us to produce a vast array of standard reports along with unique requirement almost instantly, anything is possible you decide, and we’ll produce it.

Compliance auditing

Audit ReportsWhen undertaking compliance audits whether it be delivery checks, cash checks or process and procedure checks we make sure that all compliance requirements are considered and applied. Every company or organisation has unique requirements, a set framework is typically used to audit at predefined time intervals throughout the year, ensuring that monitoring procedures are linked to effective action.

Regular monitoring can help determine if a company or organization complies with predefined quality requirements and also identify potential non- compliance issues so action can be taken real time.


Whether you are selling, buying, insuring or making an insurance claim it is critical that you have accurate records on your assets.

There are three basic reasons for keeping an inventory:

  1. Time- the time lags in a supply chain (from supplier to user) requires a certain amount of maintained inventory-“lead time”
  2. Uncertainty – inventories are maintained as buffers to meet uncertainties in demand, supply and movement of goods
  3. Economies of scale – the ideal condition of “one unit at a time, when needed and where” principle tends to incur lots in terms of logistics. So bulk buying, movement and storage brings in economies of scale, thus inventory.

Materials management with digital support

Running an efficient supply chain is no simple task, it takes an in-depth knowledge of the end to end process flow for implementation to be a success. Efficiencies are found by using technology to your advantage, what does that actually mean to your business?  Are you ready to go digital? Jump straight to Materials Management UK Ltd. 

So if you’re looking for a stocktaking company that offer support services, consider us as a business partner – Book your free consultation today click or call 0871 662 9149.